These are sites gathered by some great teachers from the state of GA who are top notch at finding and utilizing resources to integrate into education. The links are broken down by areas of use.

Twitter related
(twitter for the classroom?)
APA writing related

Reading related
WEB 2.0 and WIKI (professional development presentations)
Research Related (web 2.0 applications) (surveys online) (online notebook) (helps fix problems) (info on search engines)
www.subject filtype: ppt (Google search)
www.types of triangles filtype:ppt (example)

Video Related (video converter) (animation) (animation) (free 3-D movies)
General Resources, i.e. lesson plans, e-posters… (e-poster) (link to K. Mulkey’s page) (PowerPoint) (linking classrooms online) (online quizzes and games) (online quizzes…some free there is costs) (logic games) (physics games) (speeches) (surveys, tests, e-portfolios, etc) (picture editing) (electronic field trips) (biology)
Setting up a website (not free) (file sorting) (teaching website design) This is an open source room booking program I installed. This program takes a fair knowledge of PHP. This is an open source to do list program which takes very little knowledge to install. I created this out of a joke that arose from a class discussion in the past. Sign in USERNAME: test and PASSWORD: test Trying to get some posts going here. It is a test, but it took only about 3 minutes to install with no knowledge of PHP required. (sound recorder) (Build a website)
Various (energy conservation) (speeding up a podcast…express scribe) (using texting in class) (corrupted word documents) (video of various tech tips) (digital TV transition) (software that is compatible with Microsoft Office) (web 2.0) (copyright information) (creating a comic) (puzzle maker) (freeware)
(Bookmarking tool) (podcast sharing)