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I would first like to thank the GCTM committee for putting on another great conference this year. I would like to have been able to make it to more sessions than I did, but I picked up quite a few things from the ones I did attend. If you would like to respond this post, please include any sessions that you found particularly helpful and any sites or links you would like to share.

Next, thank you to those who attended our sessions this year. Jason and I realize we probably overloaded each session with material and will be looking at ways to remedy that going forward. Its a hard balancing act, since we would like to attend sessions too. With your input from the survey, we will hopefully have a better idea about the content, material, and number of sessions to include next year.

I would also like to apologize for the technical difficulties we experienced for our sessions. As someone who was presenting on using technology, I'm disappointed in my lack of preparation for contingencies in cases like where the faulty tech belongs to me. If you would like to receive any of the assessments that I have put into Examview format, simply send me an email requesting it. I don't want to place the file on the Wikispace due to the fact that the answers would be included. I will be more than happy to forward it directly to you upon your request. Thanks again for attending and have a great year!

Matthew White
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